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How to derust the tunnel fan?

 We all know that the equipment needs to be maintained regularly to ensure the long-term use of the equipment. Today we will talk about the maintenance of the tunnel fan. How can we prevent the tunnel fan from rusting during long-term use and the process? And how to remove rust? Let's take a look together next.A small amount of rust will not affect the normal operation of the tunnel fan, but it will cause the tunnel fan to vibrate and affect the air intake efficiency. We can use phosphoric acid or hydrochloric acid to remove the iron filings of the tunnel fan, and we can also immerse the fan impeller in phosphoric acid In the process, the iron oxide is converted into iron phosphate, which turns into a black coating, and it is left to stand at night and air-dried.
After the air is dry, we can scrape off the iron phosphate and use vinegar to remove rust, which can be used for gentle rust removal. In addition, we need to tighten all the screws, bind and reinforce the windings and wrap the lead wires for insulation, clean and dry the motor, and deal with loose coil wedges, structural parts and fastening parts of each part. The above is about the derusting work of the tunnel fan. We need to maintain and maintain the tunnel fan regularly, which can delay the aging of the tunnel fan equipment and structural parts, and provide guarantee for the daily maintenance and safe use of the tunnel fan. If you have other questions or questions about tunnel fans, we welcome your inquiries and look forward to cooperating with you.


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