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Now many large factories are equipped with a large number of axial flow fans, the purpose is to relieve the high temperature pressure in the room. Even so, the staff inside may still feel stuffy, and there is still so much dust and odor. ... View More>>
Before installing a tunnel fan, strict and accurate measurement and design are required before it can be formally installed. Otherwise, if you install it directly, without considering other factors and conditions, it is likely that there will be many prob... View More>>
There are many types of tunnel fans, so the operation and control methods of the fans are not all the same. Some fans only need to turn on the switch to run, but some need to be operated separately. Today, Han Qi focuses on how to control the running fans... View More>>
High pressure centrifugal fan is generally used for forging and smelting furnace and high pressure forced ventilation... View More>>
General ventilation fans (generally small and medium-sized centrifugal and axial fans) are the most widely used. What are the differences between common centrifugal fans and axial fans?... View More>>
The difference between a domestic fan and an axial fan lies in the air pressure of the fan, and axial fans are generally used under conditions where the air pressure is below 490 Pa.... View More>>
Tunnel jet fans are commonly used fans in tunnels. It is a high-powered industrial ventilation fan. Its purpose is to make the air flow in the tunnel, expel the car exhaust and inflow fresh air, so that the car exhaust in the tunnel is diluted and the haz... View More>>
To further ensure the normal operation of the station platform fire mode, tunnel blockage and station public area fire mode, to achieve smoke extraction, fire prevention and ventilation functions, to ensure valuable evacuation time for passengers in emerg... View More>>
According to the Coal Mine Safety Regulations, at least two main fans of the same capacity must be installed in a coal mine. One of the two main fans is used and the other is used as a back-up fan. In addition to the main fan, there are also local and aux... View More>>
Before installing the tunnel fan, it is necessary to go through strict and precise measurement and design before formal installation, otherwise it is likely to be installed without considering other factors and conditions, especially when the ventilation ... View More>>
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