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How to alleviate the corrosion problem of FRP fan?

      Many customers will encounter a lot of trouble when they start to use FRP centrifugal fans after they buy them back. Some chemical equipment factories often use them. Although it has anticorrosive effect, long-term use still needs to pay attention to this problem. So, how to slow down the corrosion problem of FRP fan?

      1. Select a suitable model

      Due to the different properties and separation requirements of the materials used, it is necessary to choose the model and specification that is right for you. According to the corrosion resistance of different materials in different environments, comprehensive physical and chemical properties, price and aging degree, determine the model and main parameters.

      2. Understand the design and performance requirements of the fan

      Good design of FRP fan can prolong the service life of equipment, and the dead Angle and temperature stress should be considered in structural design. The fan with concentrated stress and large gap environment is easy to accelerate corrosion, and the big gap formed by it is affected by water or dust, which will cause serious gap corrosion due to electrochemical reaction.

      3. Fan surface protection

      Isolation from corrosive environments is a good anticorrosion idea, and surface treatments such as flanges, zinc plating, chromium plating and chemical coatings are often used in the design of FRP fans to resist the effects of corrosion. These methods have some effect, but the fan blades of the fan are rotating parts, and the effects of wind and temperature are also to be considered. Substrate and coating are two kinds of materials, when the elastic deformation of rotating parts will produce different deformation, resulting in a large number of micro-cracks, these cracks are aging, there will be corrosion.

      Through the introduction of xiaobian, I believe you know how to slow down the corrosion of FRP fans. As long as we do a good job of maintenance inspection, we can reduce the occurrence of problems, thus extending its service life.

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