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Balance test of FRP fan after shutdown

      For fiberglass fans are known to have been applied, wear will appear after a period of time, this is because the vibration of fiberglass fans rises slowly in operation, generally due to blade wear, balance damage caused. At this time to deal with the problem of fan vibration is generally in the furnace after the dynamic balance. According to the characteristics of the fan, after many times of practice, the following can be summed up in the case of continuous furnace fan feed balance test.

      A hand hole door is installed in the radial direction of the shell throat to the impeller, because it is close to the outer circle edge of the impeller, only more than 200mm. People standing outside the FRP fan can operate inside by hand, and the hand hole door is closed under the normal operation of the fan.

      After the vibration occurs, the fan is stopped, the hand hole door is opened, and the impeller is tried to add weight outside the casing.

      After finding the balance, calculate the weight and position that should be added, and weld the impeller. It is simple to find the dynamic balance with the three-point method in practical work.

      FRP fan has excellent performance of high temperature resistance. It will not be damaged when running continuously for 20 hours at high temperature. Wide range of application, according to the different requirements of civil buildings, using variable speed or multi-speed drive form, in order to achieve the purpose of one machine and two uses (that is, common ventilation and fire use of high temperature smoke exhaust).

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