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How to solve the fault of FRP fan spindle?

      FRP centrifugal fan spindle is the key component supporting the weight and center of the whole centrifugal fan, but the fan spindle often bends and breaks in long-term operation. If the situation is not further controlled, the damage will be very serious. So how to deal with this situation?

      1. The main shaft of FRP fan has the following faults:

      Industrial shaft rolling bearing grinding technology is serious, vibration influence is too large, vibration problem is serious, different bending stress on the shaft, leading to shaft bending deformation.

      Glass fiber fan impeller grinding or blade pollution is serious, resulting in glass fiber fan impeller imbalance and centrifugal force. The action of centrifugal inertia force will not produce violent vibration, the spindle will bend or fracture because of violent vibration.

      No fiberglass fans or motors were found during maintenance, and when the important official couplings were connected to the fans of both shafts, the axial and radial deviations were so great that the whole unit vibrated, causing the shaft to deform.

      2. In view of the above reasons, the following measures can be taken:

      When the FRP fan impeller and bearing wear, timely treatment and maintenance, so as not to affect the unit 3N vibration.

      For a spindle, both the new and the old shaft are analyzed and tested by students. The common method is to install the working shaft on the fan, use a micrometer to measure the degree of bending capacity, and correct and bend the upper shaft.

      In the installation and maintenance management of FRP fans, to meet the technical development requirements of different fans. When the spindle encounters a fault can be solved in accordance with the above method. Not only can solve the problem quickly and effectively, but also can prolong the service life.

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