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Requirements of FRP fan blades

      When the FRP centrifugal fan is re-used after not being used for a long time, it shall first check whether the connecting part is firm and reliable, and can be used formally after trial operation. Today I want to talk about the selection requirements of FRP fan blades:


      FRP fan blade must be strong, the blade in operation by the motor or oil seat help, rotation of the wind, the ability of the whole fan to supply air, exhaust air utility. If the FRP blade is not strong when manufacturing, when the fan rotates, the blade will fall apart, then the whole FRP fan will be abandoned, the fan is strong, the rotating wind pressure at any time, the blade falls apart, its rotating pressure will break the shell of the fan, if there is someone next to it, it will hurt people or even life.

      With the change of air temperature, the silica gel joint part will be thermal expansion and contraction, displacement, temperature difference between day and night, different seasons, will continue to lead to the contraction of the steel plate between the seams, used for the ventilation products of the roof system, its waterproof performance is a very tight performance index.

      FRP fan has good corrosion resistance and can be used for 50 years under normal conditions of normal FRP products. Its light weight, high strength, convenient transportation and installation, small friction resistance, high transportation capacity, glass products inside the surface is very smooth.

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