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How to do a good job in the debugging of the fan

 The debugging, operation, and maintenance of the fan, the start of the fan: the fan should be carefully inspected before starting, and the content of the inspection is: whether the insulation function of the motor is outstanding, whether the motor wiring is correct and firm, whether the smoothness of the bearing is intact, the bearing must be launched in an outstanding smooth state, the impeller of the fan rolls a few turns, check whether the impeller is stuck and conflicting, if there is, it is necessary to adjust well.


 Check whether there is any debris in the fan casing that hinders rolling, if any, it should be removed completely, and whether the foot bolts of the fan are loose. Make sure the foot bolts are firm, otherwise it will cause strong oscillations in the fan. Whether the fan impeller is reversed, if it is reversed, it is necessary to make the impeller completely stop rolling before it can be started again. The direction of the fan airflow needs to be shared with the airflow direction card on the housing.


In order to prolong the life of the motor, the high-power motor should be used to step down the engine, the normal operation and maintenance of the fan: the fan is in normal operation, mainly to supervise the current of the fan, and it is strictly forbidden to run overcurrent. It is necessary to often check whether the bearings in the fan are normal and whether there is a conflict, bumping sound, etc., pay attention to the loosening of the joint bolts of various parts of the fan at any time, pay attention to the abnormal sound emitted by the motor and the fan, find problems, and deal with them in time.


Regularly remove the dust, dirt and other debris inside the fan, and prevent rust, the fan runs every 2500 hours (about half a year), at least a comprehensive view of the motor and fan, such as the discovery of the bearing smooth grease metamorphosis is necessary to replace in time, it is necessary to use gasoline before replacement to clean the bearing, smooth grease is selected lithium-based smooth grease, add smooth grease to the bearing net chamber volume of two-thirds is appropriate (two-half of the bipolar motor is appropriate).

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