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How does the tunnel axial fan operate

        There are many kinds of fans. As long as there is an environment that needs ventilation, there will be fans. Of course, the use of fans varies depending on the environment. Taking SDF tunnel fan as an example, the fan is used in tunnel construction. When we use this fan, we don't put it there and then turn on the switch. The middle should be controlled. How to control THE OPERATION of SDF tunnel fan?  

Control stage of electric control room.

The catering, shielding and controlling parts of environmental control facilities are installed in the electric control cabinet. The electric control cabinet can click master tunnel fan to display various forms of tunnel fan.

② Vehicle control room control stage.

The collected tunnel fan form quantity is opened through the high voltage network and transmitted to the computer balcony of the vehicle control room, stopping the redundant communication of double channels and stopping the active fragmented gateway of construction facilities. BAS can also communicate with the high voltage gateway, indirectly compiling BAS piecemeal and mastering the synthetic notification. How to control THE OPERATION of SDF tunnel fan?

Control center control level.

In case of emergency, the number of ports can also be arranged indirectly by telephone in the vehicle control room of the analytical back-up panel for the corresponding form of environmental control. The cover of electrical effect often has a clear connection with its mastery form, that is, there is a grasp in the cover, there is a cover in the grasp. With the stagnation of industrial control skills, the form of holding and shielding generators is breaking the conservative form of contactors, heat substitutes or road jackers to master the participation conditions of two or more port environmental control facilities. BAS fragmentary gateway indirectly uploads the shape quantity of tunnel fan to the master core, and the notification can also reach the bottom layer indirectly through the communication network.

(4) Local control priority.

The control knob box is installed beside the tunnel fan to stop the control of the tunnel fan, display various forms, improper maintenance and protection of the general operation of the fan.

How to control THE OPERATION of SDF tunnel fan? The use of tunnel fans should not only be controlled, but also protected. If there are external reasons, the failure of the fan is also a loss.

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