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Procedure for installing FRP fan

     The purchase of high-quality FRP centrifugal fan produced by regular manufacturers is only the first, high-quality FRP fan with the correct and qualified installation method is a successful construction, so what are the important factors in the installation process, the following to share with you its correct installation steps.

Familiar with FRP fan sample, familiar with its specification, form, impeller rotation direction and air flow in and out direction, etc. Before installing the fan, check whether the impeller is touched, and check the parts, accessories are complete, and parts are fastened. Carefully check whether the blades are damaged or deformed due to transportation, otherwise they should be repaired before installation.
      The air pipe connecting the inlet and outlet of the FRP fan should be supported separately, and the weight of the pipe is not allowed to be added to the parts of the fan. Attention should be paid to the horizontal position of the fan during installation, and the connection of the joint surface of the fan and the foundation and the air outlet pipe should be adjusted to make it fit naturally, and no forced connection should be allowed.
      After installation or lever pull move the impeller with the hand, check whether there is a tight or touch control phenomenon, have without obstruction of rotating objects, can be carried out at the bottom of the no abnormal phenomenon test run, fan drive outside appearance part should cover (the user should bring along their own), such as fan inlet is not line, also need to add fence or other device (the user should bring along their own) completely.
      The wiring of FRP fan shall be correct and reliable, and the shell shall be properly grounded. The power supply for the fan must be complete and meet the relevant requirements, and the motor wiring should be connected by an electrician with professional knowledge. After all installation, check whether there are any tools and sundries left inside.

      FRP fan aging resistance, high strength, light weight, change the traditional process caused by clumsy appearance, poor strength shortcomings, so that the product better for the production and use of customers to do a strong backing.

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