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What is the tunnel axial flow fan?

         The case of low noise fan boxes is often mentioned. In fact, it is generally short for low noise centrifugal fan box, so its practical characteristics and applications are consistent with the former. It is specially designed to meet the requirements of different operating conditions of the air supply and exhaust equipment.

It adjusts the required air volume according to seasonal changes and operating conditions, saving energy consumption. It has the advantages of stable operation, low noise, small volume, light weight, beautiful appearance, convenient maintenance, widely used in industrial production, civil construction, commercial entertainment, culture and education, health and other industries of air conditioning engineering system air supply and exhaust.

The low noise centrifugal fan box can also adjust the air volume and air pressure according to the need through the power supply pressure regulation or power frequency conversion, and equipped with electric control cabinet can be remote control. In addition, it has many varieties, specifications and a wide selection of air volumes and pressures. Low noise, high working efficiency, small vibration, light weight, beautiful appearance. Equipped with multi-direction air inlet and outlet, can be suspended ceiling type, built-in heat insulation sound-absorbing panel, can be disassembled on site, easy installation. Large inspection door, convenient for maintenance personnel to enter and exit the fan box.

Low noise centrifugal fan box compact structure, easy installation, reliable operation; Under the same air volume and pressure, the volume is smaller than axial flow or centrifugal fan, directly connected with the air duct, horizontal or vertical installation, easy to operate and use. Low noise: The fan housing is specially designed to greatly reduce outflow noise. Under the condition of unit air volume and unit air pressure, the sound level can be reduced by 2-3dB(A) compared with A. At the same time, higher fan pressure can be obtained under the condition of lower rotational speed. It can replace the low pressure centrifugal fan or high pressure axial flow fan in the air supply and exhaust system of industrial and mining enterprises and high-grade civil buildings without a lot of muffling measures.

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