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What are the hazards of fiberglass fans if they are not cleaned in time

       Centrifugal fiberglass fans are suitable for ventilation and exhaust through the workshop and basement of office buildings, shopping malls, theaters, hospitals, factories and enterprises, etc. The gas to be transported should be non-viscous gas. When equipment management can be used for a long time, some dust and other country related impurities will be generated, so it should be cleaned effectively in a timely manner. If the use of FRP fan work has not been cleaned in time, what will be harmful? The following small series will be briefly analyzed and introduced.

      Poor exhaust effect: in the use of FRP fans, most of the enterprise environment is closed or semi-closed space, indoor air is recycled can be used. The cleanliness of the air depends on the filtration of the air conditioner itself and the regular delivery of fresh air, so the air is more cloudy than the outdoor air.

      Dust accumulation will lead to some bacteria breeding: because of China's air conditioning companies relying on the air duct and outlet will be processed into indoor air, the air duct is a relatively closed space, outdoor environment between various kinds of suspended particles in the air filter unit cannot be air conditioning system can fully capable of blocking, so for the tiny dust into the air duct and adhesion on the inner wall of the duct. In addition, most ventilation ducts are very narrow, and FRP winds accumulate a lot of dust over time, because of the dust, it is easy to breed all kinds of harmful microorganisms.

      Parasites and insects:Since most of the ventilation ducts are located on the ceilings of buildings, and the temperature and humidity inside the ducts are suitable for all seasons, they are often Spaces for parasitic animals and insects.

      Through the analysis of the above simple introduction, I believe we all have a better understanding of the daily management, maintenance and cleaning of FRP fan, so it is necessary to clean the fan regularly, so as not to affect the normal work of the enterprise.

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