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Why do tunnel jet fans do dynamic balance tests?

     There are many problems with the use of tunnel jet fans. Tunnel jet fans have less losses during operation, but may consume only two bearings. Why do tunnel jet fans need dynamic balancing testing?

      If you have the courage, the great dosage will occur at extremely low pressure. Due to external losses, this method is characterized by hardness and deformation. In addition, pressure can be severely affected by changes in natural gas production and density. The operating lines of the pressure and flow of the device should be curves that do not wrap around the plane.

      The quantitative use of tunnel jet fans accounts for 30-40% of the total wind power generation. Therefore, in order to strengthen the protection and protection of the in-line fan, it is important to test the dynamic balance of the tunnel jet fan. In particular, the main loss of the fan wheel, the spindle position of the fan is not bad, and the amplitude of all the fans has increased, reflecting the abnormal operating consumption of the fan.

      In the long-term protection task of the fan, the use of complex cartographic methods to determine the optical position of the wheel can reduce the position of the force point and eliminate the balance of the fan. Skew in ventilation equipment, take effective measures to eliminate discontinuities.

      Tunnel jet fan noise and decibel high, seriously affect the boiler rest time. Starting from the control and control of tunnel jet fan noise, this paper discusses the danger of tunnel jet fan noise and the comprehensive treatment technology of noise reduction.

      At present, due to industrial production and heating demand, many enterprises use boilers extensively. However, due to the noise of tunnel jet fans affecting the function, life and health of the surrounding residents, this problem is urgently needed.

      The main effects of noise on the human body are interference with normal life, rest and decrease in surgical efficiency, hearing impairment and noise formation, stimulation of the cerebral cortex and disorders of balance. Risks associated with cerebrovascular function and neurasthenia.

      Tunnel jet fan, fan noise is generally about 90db, combustion gas transmission temperature up to 180 °C. The use of sealed insulators can lead to heat waves, excessive engine temperatures, and even damage to the engine.

      In practice, the comprehensive treatment scheme of energy saving and noise reduction of tunnel jet fans is: the treatment device remains unchanged, and the fan and the fan are separated from the speaker connected to the host through the ventilation duct. Install air intakes on the roof or on the walls of the room and install mufflers to deliver air to the room. The furnace floor layout is good, in the tunnel jet fan operation process, the fan is set near the boiler side, the inlet is by the wind, the engine is in the middle of the through-flow atmosphere, due to the negative pressure generated by the fan in the isolation room of the insulation chamber, a large amount of fresh air automatically enters the insulation chamber.

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