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What is the role of bearings for tunnel fans?

      The main function of the bearing is to support the rotation of the high-pressure centrifugal fan. Reduces the coefficient of friction during rotation and ensures rotational accuracy and stability. Understandably, the tunnel fan rotates. The axis can be fixed to rotate the axis or to control the movement of the axis. Radial bearings do not work this way. All can be moved in any direction. Just need to rotate.

      You can only open the installation when you are ready. Installation dust is not removed and has a great impact on the duration. Life. Mount bearings that use clean gasoline or benzene. Dust is blown with compressed air, and lamp oil and diesel are used as cleaning fluids, but if used alone, they will fall into very fine dust and be difficult to clean. A lot of clean tools can be assembled or disassembled. The tool must be used in accordance with the tunnel fan bearing instructions. How to take apart the props? Use a special tool to remove it for a specific person, and do not strike with a hammer in any case. Causes accidents and failure of high-pressure centrifugal fans.

      For spherical roller bearings, in order to reduce the large clearance between the two end faces, care must be taken to the correct mounting position. Otherwise, the bearing will wear out early during use, and the turbine will be damaged and affected. Life of a high-pressure centrifugal fan.

      With the continuous development of science and technology, the demand for the use of tunnel fans is also increasing. Judging from the current development trend of foreign tunnel fan technology, it will develop in the direction of low-noise tunnel fan. Tunnel fan noise is one of the most important sources of noise pollution in industrial production.

      The large-scale and high-speed tunnel fans make the noise problem very prominent. For low-frequency noise, the structural design of the tunnel fan should be improved to reduce the noise of the car body. If the requirements cannot be met, measures such as installing mufflers and tunnel fan sound insulation chambers can be taken. In summary, these technologies are not only the development trend of foreign tunnel fans in the future, but also technically speaking, the direction of domestic tunnel fans.

      The selection of tunnel fans should be based on the actual situation of the plant. The type of tunnel fan should match the original window size as much as possible. The tunnel fan and the wet curtain should be kept at a certain distance (as far as possible installed on both sides of the gable of the plant) to achieve a good ventilation effect. The exhaust side of the tunnel fan should not be close to the adjacent buildings as much as possible, so as not to affect the adjacent residents. For example, if the air in the room contains environmental pollution, a water spray device can be installed at the air outlet to absorb and collect adjacent pollutants, so as not to pollute the environment and achieve the purpose of high efficiency and energy saving.

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