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How to adjust the speed of the tunnel fan?

   Tunnel fan can play a good role of regulating the internal air in the tunnel, if there is not the role of the tunnel fan, it may make the oxygen content in the tunnel fan, thus affect the health of the tunnel staff, after the completion of the tunnel, can achieve the tunnel and the air outside the tunnel, improve the tunnel internal environment, make the vehicle into the tunnel when the driver body without uncomfortable feeling, will not doze off.Affect the safety of driving.

Tunnel fan to speed up the fan, use a frequency converter.The frequency converter is mainly composed of a rectifier, a filter, a frequency converter, a brake unit, a drive unit, and a microprocessor unit of the detection unit.The frequency converter transfers the voltage and frequency of the input power supply through the external IGBT, and needs the excess power supply voltage according to the practical needs of the fan, to complete the means of energy saving and progress transfer.

The generator protection circuit is formed and the secondary frequency converter of the tunnel fan needs the control signal of the main channel. Voltage/DC detection circuit for the main circuit, progress detection circuit for the generator, control circuit, converter and inverter for reducing the control signal of the arithmetic circuit.

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