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Correct maintenance is the importance of safe and reliable operation of the fan and improving the service life of the fan

           After one month of operation, the fan should be renewed and replaced with lubricating oil (or grease). In addition, the lubricating oil (or grease) should be replaced once every 1 to 2 months under normal circumstances, or it can be replaced according to the actual situation. Shaanxi fan manufacturers to bring you: fan maintenance!

        Correct maintenance, maintenance, is the fan safe and reliable operation, improve the service life of the importance of the fan. Therefore, sufficient attention must be paid to the use of fans.

         Repair and maintenance of impeller

         At the beginning of impeller operation and all regular inspection, as long as there is a chance, must check whether the impeller crack, wear, dust and other defects.

         As long as possible, it is necessary to keep the impeller clean, and regularly brush the dust and rust above the steel wire brush, because with the increase of running time, the dust can not be evenly attached to the impeller, and cause the balance of the impeller damage, and even cause the rotor vibration.

        As long as the impeller is repaired, it is necessary to make dynamic balance again. If possible, you can use portable balance tester to balance on site. Before dynamic balancing, check that all anchor bolts are tight. Because the impeller has been operating in an unbalanced state for some time, these bolts may have become loose.

       Maintenance of housing and intake chamber

       In addition to regularly checking the housing and intake chamber for serious wear and remove serious dust accumulation, these parts do not carry out other special maintenance.

       Check regularly whether all fastening bolts are fastened, and press the butterfly spring on the bottom foot to the installation height specified in the drawing for the fan with the fastening bolt part.

      Maintenance of bearing parts

      Often check the bearing lubricating oil supply, if there is oil leakage in the box, you can tighten the bolt on the end cover, so that it is not good, you may have to change to a new sealing packing.

      When the lubricating oil of bearings is in normal use, it should be replaced at least once within half a year. When in use, about 200 hours after operation, the second oil change time in 1 ~ 2 months, after the lubricating oil should be checked once a week, if the lubricating oil does not deteriorate, the oil change work can be extended to 2 ~ 4 months once, the replacement must use the specified brand of lubricating oil (specified on the general drawing), And the old oil in the tank is thoroughly cleaned and cleaned before filling the new oil.

       If you want to replace the fan bearing, pay attention to the following:

       Before loading the new bearing, the bearing and the bearing box must be very clean. The bearing is heated in oil with a temperature of about 70 ~ 80℃ and then loaded into the shaft. It is not allowed to be forcibly assembled to avoid shaft damage.

       Other supporting equipment maintenance

        For the maintenance of supporting equipment, including motors, electric actuators, instruments and meters, please refer to their respective operating instructions. These instructions are provided by each supporting manufacturer, and the manufacturer will provide these instructions to users by random packing.

        Maintenance when the fan is out of use

        When the fan is out of use and the ambient temperature is lower than 5 ° C, drain the remaining water from the equipment and pipes to avoid freezing.

       Maintenance of the fan when it is not in use

       The bearing and other main parts of the surface coated with anti-rust oil to avoid corrosion.

        Every half month or so, the fan rotor should be manually moved to rotate half a circle (180°), before moving should be marked at the shaft end, so that the original point above the rotor is located below after moving.


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