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What are the methods for choosing a tunnel fan?

     What are the methods for choosing a tunnel fan?

      First, according to the heterogeneity of the respiratory system to transport vapor, choose a different main use of the respiratory system, such as the transport of flammable, explosive, flammable gases, the use of explosion-proof ventilators. When discharging dust or transporting fly ash, a dust or fly fan should be used.

      Second, if you can choose 2 motors, you need to choose the high efficiency in the characteristic table, the total number of modules is smaller.

      Third, when selecting the tunnel fan, the fan should be prevented from being connected to each other as one or serial communication, and the same kind of fan with the same kinetic energy should be used to carry out mutual work, and when the serial communication connection is applied, the first-level cooling fan and the second-level cooling fan should have a certain pipeline connection. For ventilation systems with noise reduction regulations, it is first necessary to rationally apply fans with low rotation rates and carry out reasonable practical operations.

      According to the resulting noise and vibration propagation effect, the tunnel fan should take effective measures to reduce noise and reduce legal effect, according to the ventilation system, the general hood and motor cache countermeasures are listed in the shock absorber or vulcanized rubber cache equipment.

      If the centrifugal impeller diameter of the tunnel fan is selected to exceed the diameter of the centrifugal impeller of the original fan, the original motor shaft, rolling bearings and support frame should be used, and the diesel engine must be checked during the running time, the compressive strength of the tunnel wind mechanism and the critical value rotation rate of the shaft.

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