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Tunnel fans are classified

     Tunnel fan has a variety of names, first called the tunnel axial flow fan, and later developed for the tunnel jet fan, and oblique flow fan, multistage axial flow fan (counterrotating jet fan), axial flow compressor, are derived from the axial flow fan; Tunnel fans can be divided into: Special tunnel fan for construction, represented by DSF type contra-rotating axial flow fan, subdivided into frequency conversion tunnel fan, three speed regulating tunnel fan, four contra-rotating tunnel fan and so on, mainly used for one-way ventilation, the current DSF type NQ13/2x132KW tunnel fan, in the case of no inclined shaft, Equipped with wind bag with diameter of 1.5 meters * far conveying distance up to 4000 meters; After the tunnel built, in order to keep the tunnel need good air, and if there is a fire prevention need emission of smoke, and use is given priority to with two-way jet type of SDS type tunnel fan, the fan switch direction of rotation within 30 seconds, and keep it if there are the emergencies such as fire, need to maintain 2 hours of work time. In order to reduce the pollution of environmental noise, the inlet and outlet end of the fan shall be equipped with a muffler, and the noise of the fan can be controlled within 80dB.

     According to the different ventilation forms, tunnel fans (tunnel jet fans) can be divided into one-way tunnel fans (tunnel jet fans) and two-way reversible tunnel fans (tunnel jet fans). Unidirectional tunnel jet fan, generally used for unidirectional ventilation; In special cases, the fan reverses, providing 50% to 80% of the forward thrust. Two-way reversible tunnel jet fan can be used for two-way ventilation, which is convenient for users to control the direction of air flow. The thrust force of forward and reverse fan is basically equal.

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