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What are the causes of FRP fan impeller wear?

FRP centrifugal fans are made of special materials. Compared with other materials, it has more advantages in performance, a wider range of applications, more assured quality, and its main role is ventilation, cooling, cooling and dust removal. Now FRP fans have gradually been widely used, and some impeller wear problems will be encountered in the application process. So what are the main reasons for this phenomenon? Let's give you a detailed analysis:

1. Fatigue wear Surface cracks or scales falling off due to surface fatigue stress (or temperature or impact) are called fatigue wear.

2. Erosion wear The erosion of the metal surface by solid particles causes wear on the surface of the FRP fan impeller called erosion wear.

3. Adsorption wear In other cases where the conditions are the same, even if the level of processing accuracy and cleanliness of the processing surface is improved, so that they can better cooperate with each other, the wear will not be reduced. On the contrary, due to the proximity of the interface, the molecular adsorption effect is significant, which aggravates the wear of the interface, which is called adsorption wear.

4. Abrasive wear In the FRP fan, the relative movement of solid particles and the surface of the part at a certain speed will cause abrasive wear. Due to the filing effect under relative motion or the grinding of solid particles scattered between the interfaces, the uneven contact surface will wear out, which has a great impact on the degree of wear of the impeller.

These are the main reasons for the wear of the impeller of the FRP fan, we must operate correctly according to the instructions, in order to give full play to its excellent performance, try to avoid impeller wear. If you have any questions during the application process, please feel free to contact us.

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