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Where are the main applications of tunnel jet fans?

The tunnel jet fan, as the key service hall of the tunnel, is a double (positive flip) axial fan, which is set in the equipment room, the section fan room, and the long tunnel on both sides of the subway station. The wind of the tunnel rotates forward, and the gas is blown in outside the wind frequency tunnel and the gas is blown in the wind frequency tunnel.

Tunnels in urban public transport systems are generally based on piston pole winds. In other words, piston rod winds operate by trains. However, in order to achieve all the normal and emergency conditions of this section tunnel, the tunnel jet fan must be naturally ventilated. A tunnel ventilation system with a large amount of natural ventilation is set up in the tunnel of the underground section to ensure the safety of the tunnel in the section.

According to the tunnel fan manufacturer, the tunnel ventilation system consists of two parts: the tunnel ventilation system and the subway station tunnel ventilation system.

Interval tunnel ventilation system: When the train stops in the interval tunnel, the tunnel is ventilated, causing thick smoke in the event of a fire accident.

Subway station tunnel ventilation system: when the train stops at the station entrance, it is immediately equipped with air conditioning condenser heat pipe to dissipate heat, reduce the harm to the tunnel and subway station central air conditioning system, and set the main exhaust pipe when a fire accident occurs on the track and in the home.

The tunnel fan should take the power motor as the key component, and one of its characteristics is that the total output power is large, up to 110KW, and the starting current is large. The fan has 2 noise sources, one is the noise caused by the ventilation breath cyclone and the fan wind shell, and the other is the noise caused by the overall vibration, according to which there are the following solutions:

Press silencer: If the air inlet or vent of the fan is immediately connected to the air, people will modify an efficient muffler at the air inlet, which can reasonably remove the noise caused by the cyclone; Shell layout insulation cotton: The outer side of the wind shell will be covered with a layer of sound insulation, and the inside is composed of soundproof noise-reducing rock wool board. If the skin is galvanized steel plate, the stainless steel plate needs to be tested for operating vibration. The producer strictly implements the specification to reduce the overall vibration of the fan to less than 2mm/s, which can reasonably reduce the noise caused by the vibration of the fan.

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