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Teach you to ease the centrifugal fan erosion rate!

           There are the following methods to alleviate the erosion rate of the centrifugal fan:

         1. Select the material for the exhaust fan

         From the material itself, the spirit of the index value is essentially commercial insurance. Because there is no same material and fusion requirements, it is necessary to select a template without the same. There is no doubt about the template and the primary and secondary main parameters, according to the adhesion from the base material name there is no doubt about the resistor component material. Surplus effect, materials are now not with the standard of emotional and physical and organic chemical effects.

         2. Surface protection and prevention measures for centrifugal fan manufacturers

        The basic method of controlling erosion is to protect the natural environment of erosion. The design of the fan often uses hot-dip galvanizing, organic chemical spraying, boss, stainless steel and other surface treatment methods.

          3. Overall design of centrifugal fan

          In the present structural imagination, there is an imaginary defect that can reduce the rate of corrosion, which is the combination of in-situ stress and the tendency of vacancy standard. High quality imagery extends the life of an installation and ensures its commercial safety. Non-metallic materials of centrifugal fan manufacturers have low preleaching rate, and the interval of composition can sometimes be obviously corroded after the change of organic chemistry and photoelectric catalytic shape of external leachate.

           The operation, application and shutdown knowledge of large centrifugal fans are introduced. About large centrifugal fans, they are also very basic knowledge. When we fully understand the fan, it is necessary for us to learn hard and master it as soon as possible so as to use it as soon as possible.

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