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What does the the "five-in-one" cooling method of an axial fan represent?

the past two years, the use of automation equipment is various, this is because the axial flow fan and the amount of wind and low energy consumption have been favored by the vast storage institutions, especially the immeasurable shallow round warehouse has achieved a wide range of applications. Especially in the autumn, the temperature season is low, the choice of axial fan air pressure indoor ventilation emergency braking to reduce the temperature of the technical application, can reach the reduced temperature of the water retention performance, control the growth and development of pests, postpone the deterioration of grain storage product quality. At present, the use of axial fans in the reserve grain depot is closely combined to study the specific use of functions.


1. Filter slag of the wind separator Due to the difference in the proportion of grains and light miscellaneous, portable axial fan is used to carry out excavation. The history of the filter residue of the wind separator can be said to have a long history, and there are more and more ways and means. Simply use an axial fan at the opening of the belt conveyor. The amount of air achieved is to move the distance between the axial fan and the raw materials to adjust, and it can effectively arrive at the excavation detailed case. These do their own advantages: save people, save time and effort, save energy consumption, do not adversely affect the continuity of the operation, the disadvantage is that the floating ash is relatively large. (Axial fan filter slag, gradually out of the historical stage).


2. Balance the temperature of the warehouse, reduce the spread of stuffiness After the Xintiandi grain warehouse, the timeliness smooths the internal wall insulation board, buries the leakage coaxial cable, and enters all the normal storage stages. Before the closed warehouse, it was very critical to carry out indoor ventilation, and there were two root causes:

1, the temperature difference of the grain layer: immeasurable shallow round warehouse capacity, the human warehouse is long all the time, the temperature of the college code grain storage environment is different, and the temperature difference is common.

2, grain storage wet difference: because the warehousing process with the same batch of grain storage is the same warehouse, the same type, but the place of production, the human warehouse all the time, moisture content, suspended solids, etc. have certain differences, coupled with the human warehouse is longer all the time, the shallow round warehouse in the warehouse There is a common problem of stuffy accumulation, which will definitely cause certain dangers to the safe operation of storage.


Generally speaking, in general, the special requirements and technical parameter tables of indoor ventilation at these stages should meet the special requirements of the standard "Condiment Storage Technical Standards", and the choice of using grains and grains to cool the first cold. For the open source throttling service fee, in the current situation of determining that there is no special requirement for room temperature storage, it is also possible to use axial fan indoor ventilation, and it is simple and easy, but the special requirements of indoor ventilation all the time and the basic parameters of the atmospheric environment are more stringent. (Valley refrigeration compressor initial cold, average temperature function we ideal)


These stages, through the indoor ventilation of a short period of time, can reach two detailed cases: one is to balance the temperature of the warehouse, the humidity of the warehouse, which can effectively prevent the frost and heat generation of the parts, and lay a good new pattern for the next stage of storage; The second is to find the problem in the shallow round warehouse in time, after indoor ventilation, through computer testing can find high temperature weather points in time, timely routine inspection, timely discovery, to avoid the danger of staying.

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