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How do you use lubricants for centrifugal fans?

      Centrifugal ventilators use different types of lubricants in different environments. At the same time, different types of lubricants need to be filled with different amounts of oil in different situations. The following teaches you how to use lubricants for centrifugal ventilators.


      Firstly, full consideration should be given to the choice of lubricating oil. The mission load is the static and dynamic load that the bearing is directly subjected to.


      In the case of liquid lubrication, the greater the viscosity of the lubricating oil, the greater the load carrying capacity. In the case of boundary slippage, viscosity has almost no effect on improving the slippage infection, and its oil and pressure resistance performance is not bad. In this case, the oil product with good pressure resistance should be selected; for attacking the load, the slip grease or solid slip grease should be selected where there is frequent movement or oil film difficulties.


      When choosing slippery oil products, it should be in accordance with the concave and convex of the working temperature of the bearing mission, so that it can be matched with effective and reliable mission. If the working temperature of the location is low, should take a small viscosity, low freezing point of the lubricant oil products; working temperature is high, should take a large viscosity, high flash point of the lubricant oil products.


      Industrial centrifugal fan individual selection of continuous, forced smooth, so should take a relatively small viscosity, good oxidation stability, anti-rust, anti-bubble and slippery performance of lubricant oil products.


      Should also take a reasonable have a resistance to the medium of slippery oil performance, if there is a reduction in the medium of slippery oil products have special requirements. In addition the selection of oil should also refer to the equipment builder suggested by the lubricant oil, one is to consider the mission of the equipment and ring training situation, to meet the needs of the equipment operation: one is to try to increase the type of lubricant oil products, in order to dry lubricant oil management.

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