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Fault analysis of bearing vibration

 A lot of dust on blade surface:Centrifugal fan blade is full of dust, and is easy to produce vibration phenomenon that often show the sudden rise in vibration, the vibration is mainly due to the operation of the gas in the impeller.And there are certain Angle between rotating blades, learned to should know the physical principle of fluid mechanics, The non-working side of the gas blade will start to produce vortexes,and the dust particles in the gas will accumulate on the non-working surface. With the increase of dust, after reaching the peak value, when the centrifugal fan starts to operate, it will lead to uneven dispersion of dust particles, and the weight of the fan blade is different, so the vibration frequency at this time increases.

Not secure before fastening the equipment:The fasteners of centrifugal fans mainly include the following: machine base, base, foot bolts, volute and connecting pipe. Our company found that the vertical vibration of bearings increased when conducting independent investigation of customers' fans, and the value of vibration was abnormal. A comprehensive random investigation was conducted on the centrifugal fan, but there was no problem with these devices. After a more detailed investigation, it was found that the bearing seat was based on a flat steel plate, and the steel plate was fixed on the foundation of grouting with foot bolts. When checking, it was found that the anchor bolts were loose. After tightening, there was no problem.

Interaction between moving parts and fixed parts:We know that when the centrifugal fan body runs for too long, the impeller of the centrifugal fan follows the air inlet on an axis, which is very prone to deformation, resulting in collision between dynamic and static parts, and also produces body vibration.

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