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How to do a good job in the daily maintenance and maintenance of cabinet centrifugal fans

For the use of centrifugal fan users, wear problems are everywhere, then centrifugal fan in the use of the process of wear is divided into a variety of situations, mainly refers to the wear between the bearings, and then the impeller, the wear of the whole machine These wear phenomena are serious, which will directly lead to the use of the fan Effect can not be played out, due to the wear of the aspect of the price more, we are in this chapter mainly to the impeller wear problem starting point, for the user to find several ways and techniques that can cope with the impeller wear problem, in order to be able to better use the fan.

Improving the process route is a more typical method, try to put the centrifugal fan after the dust collector, such as: the fan is placed after the humidification tower or pipe humidification, the drying heat source extractor is placed after the dust collector is greatly conducive to preventing the wear of the fan, the surface pasting or welding ceramics, the wear-resistant engineering ceramics using high-strength high-temperature resistant adhesives or special welding processes composite on the surface of the fan blades, the technology should focus on solving the problem of anti-shedding. Plasma surfacing, the blade deformation is large during surfacing welding, and repeated welding will lead to cracks in the leaf surface, which is prone to accidents.


The surface of the blade can be carburized, the carburizing process is difficult, and when the actual carburizing, the part and thickness of the carburizing layer are determined by the thickness and wear of the blade and the carburizing process. Thermal spraying, using plasma spraying method or oxyacetylene flame, spraying ceramic or tungsten carbide or spray welding nickel-based tungsten carbide alloy on the wear surface of the blade.


The method of reducing impeller wear also requires the user to start from anti-corrosion, many times the corrosion of the fan will aggravate the wear phenomenon of the fan, so how to reduce the corrosion phenomenon of the fan in use, but also a topic that the user needs to study in the process of using the fan, to ensure the smoothness of the fan who uses only from these aspects to start is far from enough, we all know whether the fan can maintain the longest use effect, and the degree of maintenance and maintenance of the fan is inseparable, a perfect maintenance program is a must have for the user.

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