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What are the three kinds of transmission of axial flow fan?

 We all know axial flow fan bearings, fan blades, frame blades, etc., so what about the transmission of axial flow fan? Here I will introduce three kinds of axial flow fan transmission mode.

The driving mode of axial flow fan is commonly used in three forms: motor direct connection, triangle belt driving and coupling linkage.

Type A: direct motor connection. The fan impeller is directly mounted on the motor shaft. Generally, small numbers are used.

Type B: wheel drive. The pulley is mounted between two bearings.

Type C: wheel drive. The pulley cantilever is installed at one end of the main shaft, and the impeller cantilever is installed at the other end of the main shaft.

Type D: coupling linkage. Impeller cantilever is installed on the main shaft (air duct structure).

Type E: coupling linkage. The impeller cantilever is mounted on the main shaft (no air duct structure).

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