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How to choose a centrifugal ventilator ?

According to different dust conditions and production conditions, choose different fans, as follows.

(1) When conveying gases with high dust concentration, dust exhaust fans or other wear-resistant fans should be used or technical measures to prevent wear and tear should be taken to extend the service life of the fan impeller.

(2) When transporting high temperature dusty gases, boiler induced draft fans or other special fans for high temperature resistance should be used.

(3) When transporting explosive dust or flammable gases, explosion-proof fans and motors should be used, and direct conveying methods should be adopted.

(4) When transporting dust containing gases from rotten areas, anti-corrosion ventilators should be used.

(5) In wet dust removal systems, drainage devices should be installed at one point of the fan. When continuous drainage is required, a drainage water seal should be installed. The water seal is at the point of height and does not draw in air. When continuous drainage is not required, a plug with Straight drainage pipe, if necessary, can open the plug to drain.

(6) When ventilators are arranged in the open air, electrical equipment placed in the open air should be considered for rain protection.

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