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Introduction to axial fans

 Axial fans can be divided into many types, among which the shape of axial fans is also different due to the need to adapt to the installation location and the buyer's position, so Xiaobian will introduce to you today the axial flow wind installation device he made.

1. The horizontal device of the axial fan fixes the shock absorber on the base of the fan by connecting screws, adjusts the horizontal surface of the shock absorber at the polarity exchange rate by height adjustment, and fixes the fan on the connection steel that was previously fixed with S screws. If the fan does not require a shock absorber due to vibration, the fan base is fixed to the fan base. The threaded hole can be connected directly to the base of the buried screwdriver.


2. Axial fan vertical device: The method of the fan vertical device is the same as the method of the horizontal device, and for the strength and stiffness of the fan bracket, the connection between the fan and the two channels must be more stringent. Rotary machines require flexible contact.


3. The suspension device of the axial fan first connects the shock absorber to the screw of the fan, and the shock absorber is proportional to the device on both sides of the main points of the fan, and the fan is directly pushed into the device on the aluminum of the suspension. The level of the suspension frame is determined by the user according to the actual situation. Fans above 16\35; typically do not use this device type.


4. The basic requirements of the axial side horizontal fan device are the same as the horizontal fan device. Only after the device bracket completes the inclined arm bearing type, the bracket has the required strength and stiffness, axial fan has many applications in daily life, its application range is very wide, can show that the axial fan is very popular with the masses. Today we will introduce the price of axial fans.


Axial fans are a common air supply equipment, which can be used to play a better ventilation role. Axial fans are used in many centers of our daily lives. Many external air conditioners use axial fans. There are many manufacturers of axial valves. The following version will introduce the price of axial fans on the market and the types of axial fans. The price of axial fans in the market is 500 yuan to 1200 yuan. Axial fans are generally made according to the diameter of the knife, such as 300, 400, 500, 600 and so on.

The viewpoint between the blades and the airflow can be adjusted. One of the advantages of axial fans is to change the viewing angle or distance of the blades. Higher punctuation. Advanced axial fans can change the distance of the blades (similar to a helicopter rotor) while the fan is running, and then change the flow rate accordingly.

This is known as an active wing adjustable (VP) axial fan. The axial flow fan, also known as the local fan, is a type of fan often used by industrial and mining companies. Unlike ordinary fans, the engine and blades are in the cylinder. It is shaped as a cylinder for local ventilation. Comfortable equipment, obviously it can be connected to the duct to deliver air to the designated area.


According to the characteristics of axial fans, according to the material classification: steel fans, FRP fans, plastic fans, PP fans, PVC fans, aluminum alloy fans, stainless steel fans, etc. after classification: explosion-proof fans, anti-corrosion fans, explosion-proof corrosion fans. Fans, etc. are classified according to application requirements: pipe type, wall type, column type, solid type, etc.

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