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Precautions for installation and use of explosion-proof high-pressure blower

         The following inspection and confirmation shall be carried out before starting the explosion-proof fan, and the trial operation shall be carried out after installation and alignment. Note the following and handle with caution. The operator concerned shall be trained in advance as necessary to enable him to: in the event of sudden events occurring during the operation of the fan. Be able to make corresponding and correct actions quickly according to the instruction of operation director.
One, explosion-proof high pressure blower installation precautions:

         1, ensure that the installation position of the surface is smooth, the foundation is firm, requiring about 10-25㎝ higher than the ground. In order to facilitate equipment inspection and maintenance, there should be enough space around the installation position.

         2, as far as possible to use rubber buffer rubber to bear the weight of high pressure blower, especially high power B&R high pressure blower; Flat washers and spring washers must be used to tighten screws.
         3, for some of the noise requirements of the occasion, you can add sound pin to reduce the noise (under normal circumstances, about 5dB), sound pin is installed in the air inlet pipe or the end of the air outlet pipe, specific can consult my company.

         4. The temperature of the fan in operation should not be too high, not more than 40℃, in the case of high temperature, timely cooling measures should be taken to ensure that the service life of the fan is not affected.
          5, pay attention to the distance between the high-pressure blower and the box body, pay attention to the ventilation and heat dissipation of the fan, the outdoor installation of the fan needs to set up a canopy.
         Two, explosion-proof high pressure blower load use -- pipe installation requirements:
         1, for the material requirements of the pipeline, need to be able to withstand pressure and exhaust temperature.
          2, check valve to be installed in the horizontal pipeline, check valve is mainly used to prevent the fan into the backflow high pressure gas caused by damage to the fan.
         3. In the case of multiple high-pressure blowers running at the same time, gate valves must be set on each branch line. The function is that when one fan is being repaired, the pipe can be cut off without affecting other fans.
         4. Hose connection should be used for inlet and outlet pipe connection of high-pressure blower to isolate vibration. Pipe installation requirements tight connection, no air leakage phenomenon, need to be set in the appropriate position of the bracket.
         5. During installation, ensure that the pipeline is clean without foreign matter and avoid sundries entering the pipeline.
         6. The installation pipe should be equipped with an emptying valve at the same time to prevent the fan from starting with load. The correct way to start the fan should be to start at no load first and then gradually close the exhaust valve.

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