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How to improve the wear resistance of centrifugal fan impeller?

 Improve the wear resistance of centrifugal fan impeller

1. Improve blade structure

To a certain extent, the wear of impeller can be reduced by machining blade working surface into serrated shape, changing hollow blade into solid blade and adding welding anti-wear block to blade.

2. The surface of the blade is treated

Blade surface treatment can be carried out on the centrifugal fan, generally including blade surfacing, wear resistant lining plate, ceramic patch, etc.These methods have the advantage of increasing the surface hardness of the blade, thus improving the wear resistance of the blade to a certain extent.Surface pile is the choice of surfacing welding electrode (or wire), manual arc (or automatic welding) surfacing welding in the blade wear parts, to improve the surface quality of the blade,and protect the blade and improve the life of the blade.Wear-resisting lining plate can also be added on the blade working surface and wheel disk surface to implement the overall wear-resisting protection of the blade.

3. improve pneumatic design

Reasonable selection of centrifugal fan inlet shape, design should ensure that the impeller small inlet relative speed, as far as possible to reduce the number of fan revolution, choose the appropriate impeller runner shape, so that the radius of curvature from the blade to the outlet radian from small gradually larger, so as to reduce the impact of solid particles and blades.

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