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What parts of the coal mine fan will be easy to wear when used?

      Any equipment in the use of a large or small problem, especially in the coal mine operation of the coal mine fan, because the workload is relatively large, so the use of coal mine fan is more frequent, a long time operation of the fan inside some parts of the damage is certain. For coal mine fan, blade and worm shell wear is not avoidable, but if the prevention of proper, can make these parts use of time to extend.

(1) worm shell wear.

A variety of centrifugal fan worm casing severe wear parts in the left side of the worm casing tongue adjacent, generally from the angle of the worm casing tongue, the worm casing line of 1/6 ~ 1/4 wear severe.

(2) blade wear.

① front knife, grinding coal in the process of coal fan blade wear position mainly concentrated in the blade export, export and after the pan root adjacent.

② diameter to the blade, direct spray system using the former Soviet Union 0.4 ~ 90 ° radial coal fan fan straight blade, generally serrated, wear parts mainly in the blade outlet, blade outlet within the gradual strengthening.

③ back baffle blade, back baffle blade severe wear area is close to the back blade disc and blade head export section, blade head wear, coal ash easily into the blade cavity, damage rotor balance, cause vibration.

④ right after the blade, right after the blade suction fan wear position in the blade outlet side close to the centre plate.

These are the main reasons for the coal mine fan blade and worm shell wear, understand the reasons, can be good to put forward the corresponding solutions.

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