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What are the environmental requirements for the installation of tunnel jet fans?

      According to the Coal Mine Safety Regulations, at least two main fans of the same capacity must be installed in a coal mine. One of the two main fans is used and the other is used as a back-up fan. In addition to the main fan, there are also local and auxiliary fans. In the same special circumstances, tunnels also require the installation of a standby fan and a main operating tunnel jet fan, but the environment in which the fans are installed also has certain requirements. After all, the environment can also cause problems for the operation of the fan. What are the requirements for the environment in which tunnel jet fans are installed?

      (1) Claw machines use the tunnel. When installing the fan, you need to add smooth oil to the bearings to ensure that the bearings of the fan run smoothly and effectively and improve the frequency of use of the fan. According to our theory, the number of normal refueling bits is not less than 1000 hours, a start bearing and generator bearings, and firmly eliminate the lack of oil running.

      (2) what are the requirements of the installation environment of the tunnel jet fan? The electrical effect is the energy of the claw angle machine tunnel, so the role of the electrical effect determines the frequency of the tunnel jet fan. We must place a stable voltage on the generator and the intercom circuit must be a common line. In addition, there are no temporary power supply routes.

      (3) The inlet to the fan must be kept clean and free of debris, which can be more or less present around the fan and limit its effectiveness. In addition, it is necessary to stop cleaning the fans in the current period to protect the smoothness and fragmentation of the fans and to change the smoothness oil in the current period to ensure that the fans reach the fan frequency. The installation conditions of the tunnel fans must be clean.

      It is very important to choose other ventilation methods in the tunnel. After all, the equipment is better ventilation effect will be better, working conditions will be better, so generally choose tunnel jet fan, tunnel jet fan advantages need not say more.

      One is the indirect control method.

      According to the traffic flow information content of the road section before entering the tunnel and the content of the vehicle detection information in the tunnel, the timely flow of traffic in the tunnel, speed, the composition of the vehicle system and other information, the smoke concentration in the tunnel and CO consumption analysis and calculation, the implementation of the ventilation volume control.

      Second, immediate control.

      Through the smoke permeability controller and CO concentration controller at various points in the diffuse tunnel, the VI and CO concentration in the tunnel are detected in real time and the control data signal is obtained through arithmetic to control the operation of the SDS nozzle.

      Thirdly, process flow control.

      The specifics of VI, CO concentration and transport volume changes are not considered, and the passenger traffic and relative soot and CO consumption for each time period are estimated based on operational work experience only, and the SDS nozzle operation is controlled according to a predetermined program flow.

      Condensation is a mechanical failure that occurs during the application of SDS jet fans. Although it can hardly cause a safety incident, it jeopardises visual and application functionality. Therefore, in the application of SDS jet fans, the following options are available to solve the condensation challenge.

      i. The SDS jet fan can extend the exhaust air and adjust the air direction to a higher level or open the regulating valve if possible.

      In the case of side vents, adjust the transverse louvers so that they blow upwards as far as possible and prevent condensation from draining out after the louvers.

      3. Try to avoid the total number of doors to check that the room remains tightly sealed to the outside.

      4. Where standards allow, a thin layer of PE insulation can be applied to the end of the SDS jet fan vent and a layer of hydrophobic raw material can be sprayed on the multi-leaf type vent to reasonably avoid condensation. In order to improve the working efficiency of the SDS jet fan and extend its life cycle, the maintenance and servicing of the SDS jet fan must be done to ensure the normal operation of the SDS jet fan.

      SDS jet fan device, required at the beginning of the construction of the project, the two thick 20mm, 200mm wide, the length of a thick steel plate buried in the concrete second lining, axial spacing of "A", other parts of the enterprise according to the diagram method when the burden after processing. It can also be prepared again according to customer requirements. During the installation of the SDS jet fan, no bumping, no damage to the fan, no welding of the fan. Equipment fan in addition to the provisions of the authentic boundaries, should also ensure that the fan centre line and the authentic axis parallel, otherwise it will cause the lifting air volume lost. sds jet fan operation operation is usually based on the CO concentration value to decide to open a jet fan or a group of jet fans, choose high or low speed. When the SDS jet fan starts, in order to reduce the impact on the grid, should be started one by one, that is, after the last fan reaches the rated speed ratio, and then turn on the next fan switch power, such as immediate start, generally at an interval of 120 seconds. sds jet fan forward and reverse direction change, should be completely stopped after the centrifugal impeller before connecting the switch power. sds jet fan does not require a special adjustment process. Thus, the fan is always kept clean and the external model of the fan can be wiped in time according to the environmental pollution.

      Reasons for reduced airflow during use of the SDS jet fan.

      SDS jet fans are a kind of fan used in tunnel construction. As they are used in the construction of dams, railway lines, metro stations, roads and other tunnels in water conservancy projects, the air volume transported must be uniform, and when SDS jet fans are used to transport chemicals, the air volume will be greatly reduced after reaching a certain direction. And what is that?

     1.The SDS jet fans have been used in tunnels for construction by pressing down on the blower, which can cause a drop in air volume due to the lack of a standard blower or the presence of leaks or ruptures, resulting in a drop in air volume.

      2.SDS jet fan has been in the whole bailout process, according to the wind cylinder, duct, etc., the tightness of the wind cylinder ventilation duct produces the natural barrier is not uniform, the relevant airflow has a larger blocking force, vapor measurement, relative density of such, are due to the wind has been in the whole process of trekking, resulting in the natural barrier size factors.

      3.SDS jet fan all normal selection of the relevant rotary axial flow fan, the choice of double generator form, then the fan work pressure echo amount to be much larger than a single generator, fan start, the stability of the off-site working voltage considering the generator composition speed ratio, fan echo amount of increase or decrease.

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