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How to control the tunnel fan in operation


     There are many types of tunnel fans, so the operation and control methods of the fans are not all the same. Some fans only need to turn on the switch to run, but some need to be operated separately. Today, Han Qi focuses on how to control the running fans that need to be controlled separately.




1. Control level of electric control room:




      The catering, maintenance and control components of the environmental control equipment are all installed in the electric control cabinet, and the tunnel fan can be jogged in the electric control cabinet, and various shapes of the fan can be displayed.




2. Vehicle control room control level:




     The shape of the tunnel fan collected by the intelligent generator motor protection device in the electric control cabinet is transmitted to the computer balcony of the vehicle control room through the high-voltage network, and the dual-channel redundant communication is carried out with the automation system gateway of the manufacturing equipment, and the BAS After the detailed planning is completed, the control and synthesis notification fan is directly sent to the underlying equipment after being communicated by the high-voltage gateway.




3. Operation center control level:




      In case of emergency, it is also possible to directly arrange certain ports to respond to the analysis backup disk in the vehicle control room through the phone to control the environmental control mode. The maintenance of electrical effects is often related to its control method, that is, there is certainty in maintenance, and maintenance in control. With the development of industrial control technology, the way of controlling and maintaining generators is breaking through the existing ways of controlling and maintaining contactors, thermal relays or road robbers. The control center can link the environmental control of two or more ports Grasp the conditions for equipment participation. The BAS system gateway directly uploads the shape and quantity of the tunnel fan to the control center through continuous network communication, and can also directly send the notification to the bottom layer through the communication network.




4. On-site control priority:




      Install the control knob box next to the fan to stop the control of the fan and display various statuses, and then properly overhaul and maintain the normal operation of the fan.




      But no matter what kind of tunnel fan is controlled, it must be serious and responsible, and it must not be negligent. Especially when it is found that the fan has an unexpected failure, you must not panic, but calmly and quickly notify the person in charge immediately, and immediately go to the fan for processing.

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