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What is the impact on the price of tunnel fan equipment

     Tunnel fan depends on the mechanical energy input, improve the gas pressure and send gas side by side, is a driven fluid machinery, is widely used in mines, tunnels, cold vehicles, ships and buildings and other aspects of ventilation, dust and cooling, is essential equipment in many industries. What is the impact on the price of tunnel fan equipment?

1. Brand: Brand difference is one of the main reasons for different prices of tunnel fans. And, between the import of products and domestic brands, sometimes there will be a big gap, so, should choose which one, or depends on the specific situation, if the use of requirements are not high, you can choose domestic brands.

2. Fan air volume and wind pressure: fan air volume and wind pressure are also important reasons for different prices. Specifically, the greater the fan air volume and wind pressure, the greater the fan model and motor power, and the higher the price. Therefore, it can be concluded that the relationship between them is proportional.

3. Different models: such as fan parameters, fan operating conditions and environmental requirements, as well as stability and gas media. Among them, in the fan parameters, mainly depends on the air volume and wind pressure these two. In addition, sometimes, also need to consider the motor power of a parameter. If the tunnel fan model is different, the price must be different. Moreover, even if it is the same type of fan, if the manufacturer is different, its fixed price is not the same.

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