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Analysis of subway tunnel fan and its maintenance(2)

 2 fan maintenance

Due to the importance of such fans and its high -speed operation and large current, various data needs to be monitored in real time, and maintenance should be strengthened in terms of preventive maintenance. Failure repair should arrange technical technical technical schedules.

2.1 Software aspect

 For the soft starter and frequency conversion module of the fan, safe and reliable manufacturer spare parts are used to avoid cottage products. Such as the bearing of the wind turbine, etc., it must be safe and reliable. For example, a small device: time relay, Schneider's small relay, requires hundreds of yuan, but the time relay purchased in some hardware electrical appliances market is as low as 35 yuan, and the price difference is ten times. In terms of reliability, the cheap relay purchased by these hardware electrical appliances does have many problems. If it is not allowed from time to time, the seal rate is high, but imported products are indeed too expensive. Products and related products must be conducted multiple times to be put into use after the requirements are required. Related software and hardware facilities need to provide detailed operation instructions, and guide the staff in detail to set up related parameters, how to reset, etc.

 2.2 Note

 For this type of high -power fan, the relevant maintenance operations need to be comprehensively discussed in the maintenance regulations, establish a comprehensive standard maintenance procedure, regularly maintain maintenance, check related parameters, and perform oil injection and other operations.

Hanqi Industry  Lorrie:

 2.2.1 oil injection requirements

 When the motor is running, the temperature of the bearings should not be higher than 95 ° C, and the bearings run at least once at least once. If the lubricating fat deteriorates, it must be replaced in time. Clean up the waste oil inside the bearing inner and outer cover and outer cover. To achieve clean and unblocked, the bearings need to be cleaned with gasoline. When the bearing is equipped, add lubricating fat directly. Calculating regularly, in order to achieve the best results, you need to reject the side fuel rotor. However, because the wind leaves of the tunnel fan are installed in a closed environment, it is difficult to rotate the wind leaves, and the frequency of the dynamic fan is unreasonable and very unsafe. Because its start -up current is too large, frequent movement, it is easy to burn the motor, cause the motor, cause it to cause the motor, cause it to cause the motor, cause it to cause the motor and cause it to cause the motor and cause it. The fluctuations of the grid. Comprehensive consideration, the piston air injection at the moment when the train passes the piston air, and the above questions can be treated.


2.2.2 Check the insulation resistance between the stator winding and the case. The value should not be less than 3xun/1000 MΩ (UN rated voltage, unit V), otherwise the motor must be dry until the insulation resistance reaches the prescribed value.


2.2.3 Precautions when starting:

(1) After the gate is closed, if the motor does not turn, the gate should be pulled quickly and decisively to avoid burning the motor. After finding the reason, the motor is started.

 (2) High and low speed cannot be started or run at the same time. Start or run separately, only from low speed to high speeds, and cannot be started from high to low speed.

2.3 Implementing regular maintenance system

 In accordance with the formulated maintenance procedures, the daily inspections, monthly inspections, quarterly inspections, annual inspections and other systems are strictly implemented.Protection and maintenance, from various parts to important parts such as motors to ensure that the equipment is normal.

3 Strengthen personnel inspections

 Implement the inspection system and conduct two inspections a day, that is, conduct inspections twice in the morning and evening. It can be checked in the aspects of abnormal noise, vibration, odor, etc., and check the fan current, voltage, temperature and other parameters monitored by the intelligent low -voltage management interface of the environmental control electronic control room, and fill in the inspection records truthfully to ensure that various parameters It can be preserved and facilitates future failure elimination, analysis, etc. If abnormalities are found during the inspection process, inspectors need to timely feedback to the environmental control scheduling and deal with it in time. If a large failure involves a large failure, the backbone force is required for repair.

 4 Conclusion

 When maintaining maintenance of tunnel fan, it should be carried out strictly in accordance with the corresponding maintenance regulations to maintain quality and quantity. When the equipment is transformed or maintained, it is strictly used to pass the quality of the product, and it is officially put into use after multiple tests. Go through the field to deal with. Through many aspects of control, the tunnel fan can operate healthily and smoothly.

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