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How to reduce vibration of tunnel jet fan?

     The fan adopts a way to change the speed, leaf Angle, expand the range of performance parameters, to reach the fan and system area, to meet the requirements of different working conditions, so as to achieve the tunnel jet fan energy saving and reduce noise goal.
    Vibration caused by fans can be divided into two categories. First, there is no mechanical vibration from the fan spindle and bearing. The aerodynamic performance of  the fan is not very good. There is a vortex in the gas or process. When the pressure changes suddenly, it will cause gas disturbance and cause gas dynamic disturbance. How to reduce fan vibration in tunnel?
    The vibration of tunnel jet fan is mainly caused by the atmospheric dynamic vibration which is directly related to the gas action in the fan. It is not difficult to imagine that improving the positive function of the respirator in the inlet and outlet can increase the vibration of the fan. Due to the pulsation of atmospheric power, there is no stability characteristic, called wave. Tunnel jet fan working vibration, long service life, small moment of inertia, high dynamic vibration accuracy, in modern function policy, fan operation standard above the fluctuation.

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