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How to maintain the bearing and impeller of tunnel jet fan?

   I believe that you have also encountered the problem of damage to the fan impeller and bearing of the tunnel jet fan, because the fan impeller and bearing of the tunnel jet fan are the most easily damaged, so xiaobian simple detailed explanation of how to maintain the tunnel jet fan.

1. Should have been replaced when the containment. If we have no choice but to ensure that this small half, we can provide for the replacement of new airtight sand and stone. Bearing medical often check bearing greasy oil. The first oil change time should already dominate the process within about 200 hours of containment. If there is oil leakage in the cabinet, you can tighten the bearing end cap nut. His ambition is checked weekly. All normal use of bearing greasy oil, half a year to keep the business replaced once. Tunnel jet fan greasy oil is not successful, the oil change mission can be widened from 2 to 4 months. Using a named grease agent, the old unsalted butter is soiled into the tank before the new unsalted butter is added.

2.f the impeller is maintained and nurtured in the initial stage of operation, and within all the days of maintenance and nurturing, there may be cracks, damage, dirt and other errors occurring in the impeller from the beginning to the end if the opportunity permits. Check whether all tightening nuts are tightened or not before maladjustment. Impeller as far as possible can be linked to pollution, dust and rust impeller should be washed with stainless steel line on time. When the running time of the tunnel jet fan becomes longer, the blade does not diverge evenly on the impeller, which forms the balance entrenchment and rotor vibration of the tunnel low-pressure water jet pumping and filtering impeller. When the impeller has been repaired, it should be maladjusted again. The impeller has not maladjusted for some time, and the nut can fall down. If the landscape had wished, a portable operational maladjustment device could have contained the maladjustment in place.

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