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What are the key points of removing the tunnel fan?

    After a long time, the tunnel fanmust be removed from cleaning, maintenance, maintenance, reinstalled and kept in good working condition.
    Cracked fan: First, the processing box and the rolling box.The two parts must be broken down before the whole tunnel fan can be cleaned.In particular, the fan part of the motor will be removed and cleaned to avoid the mechanical failure of the motor.First, install a pair of tilted iron mats.Second, in order to clean or assemble the tunnel fan, check whether the adjustment mechanism is rotating.
    Therefore, the tunnel fans should be started from the precise details, to ensure that the end user can use the fans normally, so as not to affect the production.Operators must be trained to wear contaminated chemical fibers, static fiber clothes, and shoes with nails.When removing tunnel fans, consider the above hunger situation. In particular, safety measures must be taken to avoid accidents during the demolition process.Can cause danger.Once installed, the quality of the support must meet the standards for a detailed tunnel fan inspection.

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