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The mining fan manufacturer tells you how to adjust the fan when it is running?

 What needs to be understood is that the procedures for the use of high-pressure fans are more appropriate, and the types and specifications of fans used in different locations are also different, so it is safer for mining fan manufacturers to choose according to their needs. Because the advantages and disadvantages of FRP fans determine the advantages and disadvantages of their performance.


You need to know enough. The equipment housing assembly consists of the spiral housing, diffuser, air manifold, intake housing and bearing housing. The forces received are static loads, but there are also separate components to receive the loads. For example, most of the forces exerted on bearing shells are loads.


When the pipeline type is closed, the operation safety valve will automatically open to adjust the inlet and outlet of the produced air to ensure the service life of the high-pressure fan. If the closed pipeline is used, the temperature of the mining fan manufacturer's equipment will rise significantly at this time. Reworking should be avoided as this may cause deformation or damage. When the gas used is intermittent, it is best to use the air valve to change the working mode.


Clean up the dust on the inner and outer surfaces of the equipment in time. If the dust accumulation is large, the actual heat dissipation effect will decrease, which may lead to temperature rise, emission reduction, vibration, and eventually problems.


The growth rate of the fan, the unevenness, flatness and centrality of the bearing holes in the front, rear, left and right of the cover may cause the bearing to deform and affect the small adjustable idler clearance of the bearing.

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