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Daily management measures of high temperature centrifugal fan

 1.Strengthen operation management and prohibit illegal operations

The start-up and operation of the fan should follow strict operation rules. If the high-temperature centrifugal fan needs to start without load, it is strictly prohibited to start with load, especially when the boiler fires, the flue gas temperature is too low. When raising fire, start the fan first and run for 10 minutes to remove ash or combustible gas in the furnace and flue before starting the blower. If the blower is opened first, then the blower is opened, which increases the blower load, makes the motor overheat and burn out, and may cause the furnace explosion accident.

2.Support regular overhaul of high temperature centrifugal fan, strictly control the maintenance quality

The early hidden danger of the accident is eliminated in the bud state. Maintenance should carefully check the wear of the impeller, the balance of the spindle and the impeller, whether the internal connection is loose and collision, whether the entrance baffle switch is flexible and the bearing lubrication and cooling.

3.the impeller blade surface strengthening treatment, improve the wear resistance of the blade

Because the high temperature centrifugal fan is mostly transported by the high temperature flue gas of about 200℃, the flue gas contains a lot of fly ash, SO2 and other corrosive gases, the fan blade wear is serious, prone to fan output decline, vibration, blade fracture and other accidents.Surfacing shall be performed on the blade working face or heavily worn area.

High temperature centrifugal fan is one of many fans. It has strong high temperature resistance and can be used in high temperature environment. There are many accessories in the fan.Therefore, in order to prevent some man-made damage or accidents, the above management measures hope that users carefully comply with.

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