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Centrifugal fan maintenance points and vibration reasons summary

       As a user, we should not only master the operation specifications of centrifugal fans, but also clear maintenance points. First of all, the centrifugal fan can only be used when the equipment is completely normal. Be sure to check and confirm all parts of the equipment before re-using it after maintenance.

During the use, the staff need to combine the use of the situation, timely remove dust and dirt in the centrifugal fan and gas transmission pipeline, and prevent corrosion. To ensure personal safety, check and repair the equipment when it is shut down. During the operation of the equipment, if any abnormal phenomenon is found, check it immediately. Find out the causes of minor faults in time and try to eliminate them, find major faults

In the process of using centrifugal fans, due to the complexity of the use, it is inevitable that some accidents will occur. For example, you may find that the equipment is visibly shaking violently. The reason why there is such a situation is likely to be caused by the different axes of the fan shaft and the motor shaft. In addition, if the casing or air inlet friction with the impeller, the stiffness of the fan foundation is not enough or loose, it may cause vibration.

In addition, if during the operation of the centrifugal fan equipment, the rivet above the internal impeller is loose or the impeller is deformed, or the leaf wheel shaft disk hole is loose with the shaft, and the coupling bolt is loose, etc., it will also cause abnormal vibration of the equipment.

Finally, if the connection part of the centrifugal fan equipment is loose, such as the loosening of the bolts at the connection point of the housing, bearing seat and support, it will also cause vibration.

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