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The installation of centrifugal fans should meet the following requirements

Regarding the installation of centrifugal fan equipment, we should not only pay attention to the requirements of the specifications, but also pay attention to some details. For example, on some contact surfaces of centrifugal fan equipment, grease or mechanical oil should be coated in order to prevent rust and reduce disassembly difficulties.
    In addition to the above contents, we should also pay attention to the inside of the centrifugal fan equipment shell and other shells, and there shall be no left tools or sundries. Remember, in the process of installation, the weight of the gas pipeline should not be added to the casing, and the clearance between the air inlet and the impeller should be adjusted according to the requirements of the drawings, and the horizontal position of the shaft is maintained.

It should be noted that if the centrifugal fan is required to be installed at a certain Angle, then it is necessary to ensure that the disk can be properly rotated to keep the sign in a horizontal position. After installation, the rotor should be towed by hand or lever to check for tightness or collision. Confirm that these problems do not exist before the test run.

In the process of test run, the staff also need to pay attention to check whether the bearing temperature is normal. Under normal circumstances, the bearing temperature rise shall not exceed 40℃ of the ambient temperature. At the same time, it should be noted that the root mean square vibration velocity value of the bearing part should not exceed 6.3m2/s. If the equipment appears obvious vibration, or the bearing temperature is abnormal, then the brake should be checked in time.

In order to avoid motor burning due to overload, the staff must start the centrifugal fan equipment in the case of no load. If condition is good, open valve step by step until specified operating condition. The current of the centrifugal fan shall be strictly controlled during operation and shall not exceed the rated value.

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