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Centrifugal fan conveying medium type and inlet switch quantity adjustment

In the use of centrifugal fan equipment, it is necessary to combine the actual transmission medium to select the type. Generally speaking, ordinary centrifugal fan equipment is mainly used to transport air and other non-flammable, harmless to human body, non-corrosive gas to steel.
    In order to ensure the normal operation of centrifugal fan equipment, it is necessary to ensure that the gas within the working environment shall not contain viscous substances, and the dust and hard particles shall not exceed 150mg/m
3. The temperature of the gas is kept within 80℃. And if the temperature of the conveying medium is too high, more than 80℃, then you need to choose high-temperature centrifugal fan equipment.If you want to transport some flammable and explosive, volatile gas such media, you need to choose explosion-proof centrifugal fan equipment.
    In addition, there is also a called anti-corrosion centrifugal fan, which can be used to transport corrosive gases containing acid and alkali. Usually choose suitable protection methods according to the properties of the medium, such as galvanized sheet, corrosion resistant paint, glass fiber reinforced plastic, stainless steel or titanium.

Friends who have used centrifugal fan equipment should know that during its operation, the switching amount of the air inlet is mainly achieved through the air inlet throttle. Under normal circumstances, the air intake valve can be manually or electrically controlled to control the air intake volume. The size of the air intake will directly determine the load of the fan equipment, but also the load of the motor of the fan.

Of course, for different types of centrifugal fan equipment, when it is under large load, the size of the motor current is not consistent. For example, when the high voltage centrifugal fan is loaded, the motor current is higher than the rated current. In general, the inlet switching quantity of fan equipment is proportional to the load.

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