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What are the main materials of centrifugal fan

The so-called main material of centrifugal fan, in fact, refers to the main material used in the production of the equipment. Such as housing, impeller, air inlet material. At present, the material types are relatively rich. In order to meet the requirements of different working conditions, the material of centrifugal fan equipment needs to be analyzed during selection and production.

At present, when producing centrifugal fan equipment, the more traditional material is carbon steel, which is also often called carbon steel. In fact, it refers to the iron carbon alloy steel with carbon content less than 2.11%. One of the more commonly used is Q235B, this carbon steel is easy to process, cheap, suitable for most of the medium room temperature and no dust and corrosion applications.

   The second more common material is FRP, also known as fiberglass. Normally, this material is used to make anti-corrosion centrifugal fans. This material is essentially a glass fiber reinforced plastic, generally using glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin and phenolic resin matrix, with glass fiber or its products as reinforced plastic, the advantage of this material is strong corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance to a variety of acid, alkali and salt.

The third kind of more common material is stainless steel, stainless steel material is more and more widely used in our current life. This material is the main material of anticorrosive centrifugal fan and high temperature centrifugal fan, which can resist corrosion and high temperature.

In addition to the three commonly used materials introduced above, there are also plastic, titanium alloy, steel lining plastic, steel lining FRP and other special materials and composite materials. In short, the main material types of centrifugal fans are actually quite many. How to choose them should be determined according to the actual application requirements.

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