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Function of the tunnel axial flow fan

 In the wind tunnel fan control system, the motor is the core component, and the performance of the motor directly affects the air change efficiency of the wind tunnel fan. At present, the tunnel fan motors for sale adopt all copper process, which can effectively ensure the working efficiency and ensure the working efficiency of the motor.

 Overheating of motor in wind tunnel.

1、The tunnel fan is in the overload operation state for a long time, and some users will privately change the operating parameters, which is also one of the reasons for the previous overload.

2、The fan pressure is just too high.

3、The selection of the tunnel fan is too small to meet the actual use requirements.

4、The inlet and outlet air duct of the tunnel fan has been blocked, and the blocked pipe should be replaced in time.

5、The cave chamber temperature is too high.

6、If the air room is blocked, the air room should be cleaned after checking the pipeline.
    Quality problem of the lubricating fluid.

(1) Without using proper lubricant, causing increased friction between the bearings.

(2) If the lubricating oil fluid is missing or the quality changes, the lubrication effect of the lubricating fluid becomes worse.

(3) The lubricant contains a lot of granular impurities that get directly into the ventilation duct.

The shift of the rotor.

(4) The fan impeller rotor imbalance, resulting in the fan impeller is in a non-equilibrium state, the control system mistakenly thought that the air volume is too large, it will produce a large amount of energy consumption.

(5) Misalignment or wear of the belt can also cause a rotor offset to keep the wind tunnel fan motor temperature too high.

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