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Summary of centrifugal fan procurement skills

       Under normal circumstances, in the process of purchasing centrifugal fan equipment, a more comprehensive technical specification will be provided. It contains all the technical details involved in centrifugal fans. Do you know what they are? Below we launch analysis for this problem, hope to be helpful.

In general, the specifications will involve the type, driving mode, transmission mode, explosion-proof, installation position, operation mode of the equipment, and the meteorological conditions of the location of the equipment, including atmospheric pressure, environmental temperature, relative humidity and so on.

The so-called operating conditions, in fact, mainly refers to the important performance parameters of centrifugal fan equipment, such as air volume, wind pressure, medium composition, medium temperature, as well as the relevant parameters of the motor, such as voltage, frequency, whether it is a variable frequency motor, etc.

Of course, there are also certain requirements for the structure of centrifugal fan equipment. The equipment includes the main components of the housing, impeller, shaft plate, drive shaft, etc., so it is necessary to consider the material of the shaft, bearing brand, motor brand, coupling type, shock absorption type. In addition, it will also involve whether there is a muffler, noise value, inlet, outlet size, etc.

Not only that, the overall design of centrifugal fans also needs to meet the corresponding standards. For example, the air outlet Angle of the fan equipment may need to be adjusted appropriately according to the equipment layout. Then consider the fan inlet gas composition, fan inlet temperature and so on.

In some occasions where the noise requirements are more stringent, the operating noise of centrifugal fan equipment also needs to be fully taken into account. If necessary, a muffler should be equipped. In addition, if the motor of the centrifugal fan equipment adopts frequency conversion control, then the frequency converter needs to be configured.

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