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Problems needing attention in the operation of high pressure centrifugal fan

 From the analysis of the current application situation, in fact, high pressure centrifugal fans have already won the trust of many users. It plays an important role in the actual production process. However, after the purchase of high-pressure centrifugal fan equipment, many problems need to be paid attention to in the process of actual operation. Especially in the run-in period, need to pay attention to more problems, to understand the following.
      In order to ensure the normal operation of the high-pressure centrifugal fan equipment, the staff must often check the oil supply, vibration and temperature of the bearing during their daily work. Then according to the requirements of the equipment into the test state, and pay attention to observe its operation state. After confirming that the test run is qualified, it is also necessary to wrap the heat insulation layer on the surface of the fan casing and use heat insulation material in order to reduce the external heat transmission of the casing and protect the safety of bearings.

Keep in mind that the thickness of the insulation must be properly controlled and maintenance and disassembly issues taken into account. Under normal circumstances, during the initial operation of high-pressure centrifugal fan equipment, the vibration of bearing parts is very small. However, with the extension of time, its vibration will gradually increase. Once the maximum limit is reached, it is time to stop for repair.

Otherwise, some dangers may occur or the fan may be seriously damaged if it is continued to use. Of course, during the daily work, the high-pressure centrifugal fan also needs to be regularly repaired. In addition, heat may be generated during equipment operation, so personnel should avoid contact with the casing to prevent burns.

In short, in the process of operating high-pressure centrifugal fan equipment, it is necessary not only to master the correct operation skills, but also to take into account the safety issues to ensure that the centrifugal fan can successfully complete the production task.

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