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The thrust factors and selection of the SDS tunnel jet blower fan

The thrust factors and selection of the SDS tunnel jet blower fan

1.Longitudinal distance between wind units

If there is enough space between a set of fans in the tunnel, the cyclone can be slow.If the fan is not completely decelerated, the operation characteristics of the next layer of fan will be affected.The longitudinal distance between wind turbine units is 10 times or 10 times the equivalent diameter of hydropower in part of the tunnel.The longitudinal distance of a wind turbine is one-tenth the pressure of a wind turbine.The longitudinal distance at the center of the fan is sufficient for the fan to be as close as possible to the tunnel side; if some deflection is allowed in the radial installation position of the fan.The longitudinal deviation of the fan center can be reduced, and the installation indicator can be improved.

2. Wind speed in the tunnel, environmental protection fan close to the boundary layer and vault.

The thrust of the SDS jet air fan is measured according to the angular dynamics of the fan during the gas rest.When the installation position of the SDS jet air fan is close to the coating or top of the tunnel, the angle of gas in the fan must be reduced.Additional friction damage between air spray water and the coating or roof.

3.draught fan

The energy consumption and thrust ratio of the SDS jet air fan are related to the wind power of the fan inlet. The greater the wind blows at the inlet, the greater the power consumption, which depends on the thrust requirements.To reduce operating costs, large diameter, low speed, or low vision fans should be selected whenever possible.This increases the investment in the fan itself, but at that moment, the wind at the fan exit also decreases, thereby eliminating silencers or reducing the length of the fan.


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