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Are there any other uses for centrifugal fans?

    Centrifugal fans are common mechanical equipment, we are used to think that centrifugal fans are used for ventilation, but in addition to ventilation, centrifugal fans have other functions. Centrifugal fans can also be used for some warehouses according to different application fields.

    The role of this centrifugal fan is more, in the role of ventilation but also to keep the dry situation in the warehouse. If it is some special warehouse, will also play a cooling effect.

Especially in some storage of food in the warehouse, the centrifugal fan plays a very important role, if there is no centrifugal fan, food will not be stored in the warehouse.

    If it is cloudy and raining, the grain in the granary will become moldy. The reason why we can do timely food supply in China is due to this centrifugal fan. There is a centrifugal fan used in the cold room, this centrifugal fan is mainly cooling ventilation. Usually the speed of this centrifugal fan is not very fast, it only plays a role is not to let the outside air into the cold room, in order to maintain the temperature of the room.

    In addition to our common ventilation function, centrifugal fans actually have many functions, but they are ignored in the application. In addition to the applications mentioned above, researchers of centrifugal fans believe that there have been more new industries began to integrate with centrifugal fans, and the future demand will be greater improvement.

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