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Problems in the use of tunnel fan

    Tunnel fans may generate high temperatures during use, so avoid touching the casing to prevent burns. The motor load current will change with the change of air pressure in the tunnel fan. The overload protection switch suitable for this type should be installed when wiring, and should be used under the condition of rated full load current to avoid motor burning.

    The scope of application for continuous operation of tunnel fans should be used within the curve range and not exceed the scope of application. If close closing pressure is required during service, a relief valve should be installed in the line. When the pipe is closed, the pressure relief valve for regulating air in and out automatically opens, thus maintaining the service life of the fan. If the pipe is closed, the temperature of the fan will rise sharply, so continuous operation should be avoided, otherwise deformation or damage may occur.

    When the air used is intermittent, the air valve switching mode should be used to operate. Before entering the tunnel fan, dust bag should be used to remove hard objects, dust bag powder, fiber and water droplets. If filters are installed in pipes, to avoid pressure and reduce losses, use large area filters and clean them regularly.

    The inside and outside of the tunnel fan should be cleaned regularly to remove dust from the surface. If a large amount of dust is accumulated, its heat dissipation effect will be poor, which may lead to temperature rise, reduced air flow, increased vibration, resulting in failure. Bearings, oil seals and mufflers are consumables, so they have a certain life and need to be replaced regularly. There are blades, shells, metal mesh and so on. Need to be replaced regularly according to the use environment (mainly corrosive airflow, gas-liquid mixture, etc.).

   If these possible problems of the tunnel fan can be known before use, they can be solved in time to ensure the normal operation of the tunnel fan in time.

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