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How to make the tunnel fan realize high efficiency and energy saving?

In the process of using the tunnel fan, we should not only know how to use and maintain it correctly, but also know how to use it efficiently and save energy. Only by improving the efficiency of the fan can the use of the fan meet the needs of the site. Some users put forward such problems, the use of efficiency is improved, but the energy-saving effect of the fan is greatly reduced. How to improve energy saving of tunnel  fan under the premise of ensuring efficiency?

      Both manufacturers and users need to take this very seriously. The energy-saving situation of fan tunnel is introduced from the following aspects.

For some relationships between different flows, we will be divided into several different ways of regulation, that is, regulation has little impact on the energy saving effect, and even because of the existence of the regulation device not only does not save energy, but consumes more work. The variable speed adjustment curve is close to the ideal curve. Therefore, the frequency conversion speed regulation method is superior, especially the energy-saving scheme using frequency conversion motor speed regulation is better, but the tunnel fan needs to increase the frequency conversion device.

Adjusting the fan is to make the wind pressure or air volume of the tunnel fan reach the standard and manually control the fan. Through effective adjustment, the fan can not only meet the flow or pressure requirements of production, but also save energy to a large extent under the condition that the fan can work stably. Although users take different tuning methods, they all achieve the same goal, but with different results.

The choice of regulation mode is not only related to the use effect of the tunnel fan, but also has a great impact on the energy saving of the fan. Therefore, the energy saving effect can be achieved under the premise of maintaining the same effect of the fan by selecting the appropriate adjustment mode. Only in this way, can improve the use efficiency of the fan, achieve high efficiency energy saving, better protect the tunnel fan, prolong the use efficiency.

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